Research Interests

  • Publications

    List of peer reviewed publications, conference papers, books produced based on research conducted at TUDRP .

General Topics

Research conducted at The University of Tulsa Drilling Research Projects (TUDRP) is mainly about any topic related to drilling and well completions operations. Below is a short list of the major research interests:

Advantages of Participating in TUDRP Consortium:

Bit Cutter, Bit Hydraulics Research
Rock Characterization / Geomechanics
Directional Drilling Trajectory Estimation
Cuttings Transport
Fluid Related Research
Tubular Mechanics
Drag & Torque
Wellbore Stability Formation Damage Shale Instability
Well Control MPD
Lightweight fluids UBD (hydraulics)
Cement Technology
Lost Circulation
Automation Optimization
Data Analytics / ML Applications
Plugging & Abandonment
Carbon Capture and Storage (well construction and completion strategies)